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Looking to hire Pasco workers?

Pasco County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States and because of this, there are over 250,000 workers here who contribute their skills and expertise to companies like Mettler Toledo and Pall Aeropower – both Fortune 500 companies – that are part of an exciting workforce upsurge in greater Tampa Bay. Our region also benefits from agile startups and tenured firms that want to staff their organizations with the best and brightest Pasco County has to offer.

As an employer, it’s here you can connect with various workforce platforms & programs available to help you connect with the workers you need to grow your business.

Training Partners & Non-Profits

Pasco County is home to some of the best-specialized training programs in the country and they would like to connect with employers like you. Utilize them to recruit well-training workers or to upskill your existing workforce.

Current Labor Market Data

We survey over 150 companies in Pasco County each year to learn more about the needs of employers. Discover trends and understand where we are headed through our interactive dashboard.