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5 Business & Professional Services Workforce Trends to Prepare for in 2022

It’s safe to say the workforce in Pasco County, Florida, and the world look vastly different compared to the beginning of the pandemic.

The adjustment everyone has had to make accelerated workforce trends that were originally first draft business cases. One example is remote employment, which saw 32% of Floridians working from home by the end of 2020.

However, with the world beginning to reopen for business, many employers and employees are wondering what the future of work looks like. Will we all return to the office, or will bosses continue to allow us to work from home to improve employee retention? Here are five workforce trends we believe are likely to occur in the coming year.

1. Parents Embracing Hybrid Working

Employers will see an increased need to show some flexibility when it comes to childcare responsibilities. Instead of missing a day of work, reducing hours, or looking for another job that can accommodate these duties, we expect parents to utilize hybrid working models to honor their family commitments and have a presence at the office.

2. When Employees Work Will Become More Important Than Where

Working remotely was only the beginning. The next evolution of flexibility will come from when employees choose to complete their work. A Gartner’s survey in 2020 showed that 36% of employees were considered high performers when working the traditional 40-hour workweek. But this number increased to 55% when they got to choose the hours they worked.

3. Employee Life Experience Will Replace the Work Experience

Employers that assist in enriching the personal lives of their staff will have the advantage in 2021 when it comes to employee recruitment. Research shows that employers who support their people to lead better lives are rewarded with higher performance. It also reports improvements to the mental and physical health of employees.

4. Changing the Definition of Employee Benefits

You can expect to see a shift in the value of employee benefits in 2022. It will be more than just being able to work from anywhere in the world, which is one of the reasons why Florida’s population grew by more than 2.7 million in the last decade. Instead, they will need to be aligned to mental health and wellness benefits in order to keep staff happy.

5. The Gig Economy Will Continue to See Rapid Growth

The number of skills employers require has risen significantly over the past few years. Many companies will look to upskill their existing staff to take on these additional tasks. However, others will turn to hiring gig workers as they’re required. It may be for one, three, or six months and for functions that are only needed temporarily. This type of hiring will also be suitable for seasonal periods throughout the year.

How to Prepare for Workforce Trends in 2022

There is no better time than now to prepare for the workforce trends coming in 2022. WorkforceCONNECT is here to help keep Pasco one of the best places to work in the country giving our employers a competitive advantage when looking to START, MOVE or GROW. Want to discuss how your company can best prepare for these trends? Schedule a meeting with Turner Arbour today.