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How Teachers are Preparing the Workforce of the Future

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and there is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to these essential professionals.

Teachers from local institutions like Pasco Hernando State College, Saint Leo University, Pasco County Schools, AmSkills and others have played a vital role in the education of employees at Pasco-based businesses like PALL Aeropower, Mettler Toledo, Polaris Connectors and JL Video.

They’re also responsible for getting the next generation of employers ready for the workforce of the future. While what skills and experience needed to thrive in these workplaces is currently unknown, our teachers have adapted to prepare them the best they can.

The Fundamentals

There will always be a requirement for basic reading, writing, and mathematics. These are the foundations of the learning experience in schools today. But it also helps students develop the skills they will need when they enter the workforce.

One of the most vital is problem-solving abilities. As subjects like mathematics become more advanced through the grades, it helps develop the necessary steps to resolve an issue. As they grasp the basics, students can begin to incorporate critical thinking and creativity. It becomes the role of the teacher to nurture these talents so they can be fully realized.

Future Skills

The World Economic Forum has been identifying future skills required for the workforce since 2016. The two abilities listed every year are critical thinking and problem solving, which are often initially discovered while at school.

Through Pasco County schools and colleges, teachers are building upon these capabilities while also encouraging the development of other critical skills. Some of the common future abilities the workforce will need to include are analytical thinking, communication, cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, and digital literacy.

The Role of Business Leaders

The responsibility for developing the skills needed for the workforce of the future doesn’t sit solely with the education system. It requires a partnership with local business leaders.

Whether it’s becoming a part of the advisory committees or participating in the annual Educators in the Workplace event, companies need to ensure they have one eye on the pipeline for their future talent.

How to Get Involved

Like many local businesses, teachers throughout Pasco County have had to adapt due to the pandemic to ensure students get the best learning outcomes possible to thrive in the workforce for their employers. That is something to be thankful for during this Teacher Appreciation Week.

Local businesses play a significant role in getting people ready for the future workforce. Through our WorkforceCONNECT program, we help you locate and access the talent you need to grow and be successful in Pasco County through our extensive network of local organizations, including colleges, universities, non-profits and technical training schools.

Get in touch with us today to learn all the ways your company can get involved with local educators to help train the future talent pipeline!