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Pasco Occupations Database

When exploring your next career path it is important to fully understand the amount of knowledge and experience required to get hired in your chosen field. Also, making sure that there is a demand for your skill sets will ensure that you don’t complete training to enter a job market that won’t utilize your skills to their fullest potential. This is where the Pasco Occupation Database (POD) can help you make informed decisions surrounding your future.

This database illustrates several factors that you should consider such as the required education for your chosen occupation. It also helps you answer questions like:

  • How much previous work experience do I need?
  • Is On-the-Job training required?

and also view how many job postings have appeared online over the past year along with the average annual growth of the selected occupation over the past year.

All of this information can be downloaded by clicking the “download” button in the bottom right of the tool.