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The Time to Build Your Career is Now

The United States government recently reported that 10.4 million jobs are available. With the job market so open and available, now is a great time to build a career. Just Florida alone accounts for about 500,000 of these available jobs.

Why are there so many job openings?

It is not a secret that the pandemic has caused a major stall in employment. According to research conducted by Robert Half, 38% of workers say that the pandemic contributed to career setbacks. Even more largely, 66% of adults aged 18-24 experienced a setback due to the pandemic.

The researchers at Robert Half discovered that during the pandemic, people experienced a shift in perspective either pertaining to their career path or life in general. 1 in 3 professionals who experienced a shift in feelings toward work wanted to pursue a more meaningful and fulfilling occupation. The top reasons reported for this perspective shift were: a search for better work-life balance, greater compensation, deeper challenge, and limited growth opportunity/stuck doing the same thing at the current job.

What does this mean for you?

Maybe you, or someone you know, are one of the millions of Americans who considered a new career path. Or maybe you have simply been waiting to go back to work after the heat of the pandemic. Whatever your case may be, now is your time. With over 10 million jobs available, there are endless industries to learn new skills. The 2022 New Year coming up shortly can be a great opportunity to open a new chapter in your life through a new career.

Pasco County Careers

Pasco County is one of the largest growing areas in Florida and the United States. Because of this, we are proud of the workforce that is continually evolving and growing. We spend great effort connecting employers to those searching for careers, including high school and college students.

Pasco has a ton of great careers that, with minimal training, you can upskill in to. Some notable industries in Pasco are manufacturing, business and professional services, logistics and distribution, life sciences and medical technology, and information technology.

Here at WorkforceCONNECT Pasco, you can discover career paths and programs to develop skills, gain access to on-the-job training opportunities and assistance programs, and much more.