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Where are High School Students Going After Graduation?

As summer comes to an end, recent high school graduates will be making decisions about the next step in their life.

Do they head to Pasco Hernando State College or maybe a public or private university? Perhaps they secure roles at Pall Aeropower, Touchpoint Medical, or other local businesses within Pasco County. Maybe they have chosen to take a gap year and explore the world now that it’s opening up.

Many high school students likely made these decisions before they collected their diplomas. So, what have they chosen to do, and how do you engage with these graduates to provide them with all the pathways available so they can make an informed decision?

What are High School Students Doing After Graduation?

After high school, many students believe they only have two options. They have to either go to college or get a job.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the 2.7 million students who graduated high school between January and October 2021, 1.7 million enrolled in college in October. This number is slightly down compared to 2020’s figures.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in August 2022 that more than 55% of young people aged between 16 to 24 were in the workforce. This figure has increased year over year but is similar to the rate before the pandemic.

What Options are Available to High School Graduates?

High school graduates have more career options available to them than ever before. They don’t need to stress about going to college and accruing significant debt. They also don’t need to grind to gain experience.

There are great technical and trade options like AmSkills and Fred K Marchman Technical College which provides the best of both worlds. Students not only receive the training and support to learn in-demand skills. They also offer opportunities to gain apprenticeships and mentoring in order to achieve fulfilling careers.

How to Provide These Options

Although you could try to get in front of students during school hours or spend money developing a social media campaign, a better option is to partner with local organizations dedicated to preparing the next workforce.

The Pasco Economic Development Council is a prime example. It’s a non-profit entity driven to grow and diversify the local economy to promote a prosperous future for citizens. It achieves this via a number of programs, such as WorkforceCONNECT, that focuses on connecting employers to job-seekers and providing up-to-date job statistics of the region.

How to Find Out More

It’s vital for the future of Pasco County to share with students all their options for the future. They have the option to get started by attending local colleges and universities, or learn from training programs such as AmSkills that can offer training and apprenticeships for high-demand skills. Pasco County has many options that give students an opportunity to jumpstart their careers with local companies like Santander Consumer USA, TRU Simulation, and Mettler Toledo down the road.

Local businesses can also play a significant role. If you want to find out how you can help prepare our future workforce, get in touch with WorkforceCONNNECT today!