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Pasco Job Creation Incentive Program

About the Organization

One of the fastest-growing areas in the greater Tampa Bay region, Pasco County features a unique blend of undeveloped, open spaces in close proximity to the modern, vibrant communities that makes it a great location to live, visit, and do business.

Located at the apex of the greater Tampa Bay metropolitan area, businesses of all sizes are taking notice of the tremendous benefits that come with locating in Pasco County including ready access to major interstate highways, rail lines, air transportation, and a deep sea port as well as a the diverse, skilled workforce that powers businesses throughout the region.  High-tech and aviation/aerospace companies are thriving and growing alongside manufacturers and business service providers, and local entrepreneurs are founding award-winning, cutting edge companies throughout the county.

Whether your business is on the cusp of making its first dollar or working on its next million, the Pasco Economic Development Council has the programs you need to StartMove or Grow  your business here.  Take some time to look around our site and discover how we help Pasco County businesses achieve their true potential.

About the Program

The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Pasco County Job Creation Incentive Ordinance to promote the attraction and expansion of target industries or businesses within Pasco County. Following is a summary of the ordinance:

Companies must meet one or both of the following industry classifications and meet the job creation requirement:

Primary Target Industry:
  • Pay an average annual wage of at least 115% of the prevailing Pasco County average wage (Pasco County average annual wage as of January 2019 is $37,315)
  • Must sell at least 51% of products or services outside of Pasco County
Qualified Target Industry:
  • Businesses serving multi-state and/or international markets and that create new jobs at greater than the annual average wage of Pasco County
Job Creation Requirement:
  • The project must result in a minimum of 10 new full-time jobs within the County during the first year of operations.