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Marchman Technical College

Located in New Port Richey, Marchman Technical College has been specializing in the technical training and education of the Pasco County Community since 1984. With a sprawling campus stretching over 170,000 square feet, Marchman has successfully utilized its space by combining both workshop experience with classroom learning as evident with over 15 buildings spread out over 25 acres. Marchman’s overall mission has been to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in various industries while providing the business community with willing and capable workers eager to begin their respective careers. In terms of their core values, Marchman finds professionalism, adaptability, motivation, perseverance, diversity, and collaboration among the most important of tools the promote the success of their students.

From an educational standpoint, Marchman currently offers a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals. Their GED and ESOL programs are designed to teach both students and adults alike the core skills required in any field whether it be reading and mathematics in the case of their GED program or essential communication and speaking skills in their ESOL program. Marchman also offers programs to high schoolers in Pasco County with their technical programs ranging from cosmetology to automotive services and with their dual enrollment program that allows students to earn course credit toward their high school GPA and potentially college credit following graduation.

Technically Speaking, Marchman offers career certificate programs over a range of industries. These include the service industry, arts, communication, and technology, construction, manufacturing, and automotive and marine services. Some subfields that Marchman specialize in include cosmetology and patient care from a service industry standpoint, applied cybersecurity and commercial art technology in the field of arts and communication, electricity and AC technology from the construction side, welding in their manufacturing program, and marine and automotive service technology from the industry sector.

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7825 Campus Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34653

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